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About Joshua Osborne

Joshua T. Osborne Is Excited To Bring You Into To The Revolutionary Community Of Visionary Business Leaders Like Gary Vaynerchuck, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, And Mark Zuckerburg.

Entrepreneurs and visionaries are the misfits that found a way to use their unique personality, drive, and view of the world to create something for themselves and their family. Bringing that special spark to the table is the result of fighting to survive and find your place in the world. What may have been a setback according to the kids you went to high school with is now your superpower, and you are ready to shock the world.

Forget the storybook narratives, being a business sales leader is hard work and fighting through setbacks in order to find the one idea or system that truly transcends and connects with the world.

Regardless of what anyone says about you, there is a spark for something great, and you are capable of taking your online marketing business to incredible new heights.


“Josh has single handedly changed my life.”

His coaching, unlike most, relies on systems that actually work. His no fluff, straight to the point teachings are full of gold, a completely lack any of the waste of time nonsense that most other ‘internet gurus’ have got so famous on. By following his teachings I have multiplied my income, bought a new car, a new home, and moved cross country, and this is all thanks to the drive of Josh and his priceless trainings. What I find most important however is Josh’s devotion to his students. He never dwells on success. He constantly pushes to learn more, practice more, and always look forward to ensure him and his students are always on the top of their game.

“It’s an understatement to say that Josh is a great mentor.”

He’s so much more than that… First and foremost, Josh is one of the most effective mindset coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! If your mindset isn’t calibrated, you’ll never achieve success. Josh sets up his students to excel because he gets their minds right first…the mark of a truly great mentor.

He’s also a brilliant strategist. He can see the hidden passions and interests of his students, sometimes even before they can. He then provides them with the tools and support to succeed in that respect.

Thank you Josh, you’ve changed my life!

“My business increased to 58.2k within 3 months!”

Josh Quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder. After applying what his insights I changed in my “what I already thought was successful business” business has increase my business 58.2k within 3 months! As a result of his friendship, I have taken actions that maximize my income generating streams for multiple of my businesses. You would be a fool NOT to do whatever you can to have a conversation with this man.

He is a real treasure. Thank you for time and insight Josh.

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The Most Comprehensive Selling
Solution On The Internet

Step 1:

Put yourself in front of and connect with your ideal prospect. Put lines in the water and play the sales numbers game. Cold calls, cold emails, door-knocking, etc.

Step 2:

Provide massive value to your prospect free of charge. You’ll stand out from professionals in your industry because most don’t take this approach.

Step 3:

Follow-up! This is the step that most sales professionals fail to take. Remember, 80% of sales require 5 follow-up efforts before the deal is made. The money is in the follow-up.

Step 4:

Connect with your prospect on a deeper level. This is your chance to understand their goals and needs, and therefore their pain points.

Step 5:

Formulate a game plan for how you’re going to satisfy their needs and help them hit their goals. Also, figure out how much it will cost if you’re providing a service.

Step 6:

Present your plan to your prospect. Educate your prospect on why this plan will satisfy their needs and accomplish their goals. Educating will make you stand out.

Join Joshua T Osborne's Sales Talk Group For Free