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Before I was the entrepreneurial, business minded, bestselling author and teacher that you see today, there was a long road of struggles and challenges that shaped me as a person. I have been down on my luck more times than I can count. I have made so many mistakes, but I have also seen my hard work go unappreciated. All of these experiences matter. From the highest highs of success to the deepest depth of failure, every moment has shaped my mindset, my heart, and my skills. I never understood exactly where I was supposed to fit in, but eventually I realized that not fitting in was my ticket to everything I wanted.

Yes, I am a bestselling author, and an expert in marketing, sales and business growth; but my inspiration and passion is derived from helping people find their own path to success. Helping those people through their own trials and tribulations to realize their goals and dreams.

The way that I help business owners and entrepreneurs grow and make significant sales increases is by channeling their strengths. I know how to harness the power of a business and a passionate leader because of the time that I spent doing this for myself. I used to be an unharnessed ball of creativity and energy, but one day I realized that the reckless abandon was not getting me the results that I wanted. I had to teach myself to push my energy into the most impactful direction without taming myself in any way. Once I figured out how to harness all of my passion and put it in the right place, I began to see the results that I had always wanted to see. This is exactly what allows me to help my students and audiences do the same.

The power is already inside of us to change the world with our passion and creativity. The only thing we have left to do is to take our heads out of the sands of comfortable and mundane jobs long enough to see where we could go. The world is waiting for more people to become leaders and I am ready to show your audience or company the guaranteed path to becoming a great leader in the business community. I know because someone taught me a thing or two when I was just getting started. I look forward to working with you!


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