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Take Back The Pen is an empowerment book for sales professionals and agency owners who want to close sales for themselves instead of closing for employers for commissions. Why make commissions when you can take 100% of your pay home while helping everyday heroes change thousands of lives? The 6 steps in this book are not only for sales but are guiding principles for every area of your life.

Before I was the entrepreneurial, business minded, teacher that you see today, there was a long road of struggles and challenges that shaped me as a person. I have been down on my luck more times than I can count. I have made so many mistakes, but I have also seen my hard work go unappreciated. All of these experiences matter. From the highest highs of success to the deepest depth of failure, every moment has shaped my mindset, my heart, and my skills. I never understood exactly where I was supposed to fit in, but eventually I realized that not fitting in was my ticket to everything I wanted.

One thing that always got me in trouble when I was a kid was the fact that I could just sit still and so as I was told. For a really long time, I believed that told me this was going to be a problem and that I was never going to be anything because I wasn’t falling in line the way they wanted me to. Eventually, I had to realize that my desire to always be moving and my hunger to learn new things, was actually my strength. I started to see entrepreneurs and business leaders that I identified with that were making their own path to success, instead of continuing down the path others laid out. Once I realized that my success was in my own hands, and that I could help change the world for the better, I started running towards my goals.