Organizational Assessment

Evaluating the Performance of an Organization

An organizational assessment is a systematic process for obtaining valid information about the performance of an organization and the factors that affect perfromance. It differs from other types of evaluations becasue the assessment focuses on the organization as the primary unit of analysis.

Organizations are constantly trying to adapt, survive, perform, and influence. However, they are not always successful. To better understand what they can or should change to improve their ability to perform, organizations can conduct organizational assessments.  This diagnostic tool can help organizations obtain useful data on their performance, identify important factors that is or impede their achievement of results, and situate themselves with respect to competitors.  Interestingly, the demand for such evalutaions is gaining ground. Donors are increasingly trying to deepen their understanding of the performance of organizations which they fund (e.g., government ministries, International Financial Institutions and other multilateral organisations, NGOs, as well as research institutions) not only to determine the contributions of these organisations to development results, but also to better grasp the capacities these organisations have in place to support the achievement of results.

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